Sass, Trash, and One Perfect Ass

 An M/M Enemies to Lovers Romance 

Spencer Olander is a lot of things: successful entrepreneur, devoted brother, one of the city’s most eligible bachelors, and a massive, unrepentant asshole. When he finds out his new sport’s bar sits on the fringe of Rosen Avenue, the city’s ‘gaybourhood’, the shine of the LGBT community and all their money is irresistible. Lucky for him, it’s not too late to draft up a new business plan.

When he scopes out the location, he finds two nasty surprises: an eyesore of a diner right across the street, and Jago, one of the servers. He’s everything Spencer hates: trashy, a shamelessly bold attitude, a sordid history, and a tendency to flaunt every dirty bit of it. So why the hell can’t Spencer stop thinking about him?

Trigger Warnings: sexual assault, masochism, graphic violence, graphic sexual content, exploitation, sex work, homelessness

Violent Horizons

An M/M Space Opera

Silas has lived his entire life in a tiny, floating workshop in the ass end of the galaxy with his tinkerer lover. When a tall, dark, and dangerously handsome technophiliac murders his tinkerer in search of a code, Silas is thrown from the only home he’s ever known, out into a universe teeming with monsters.

Stranded and terrified, he’s rescued by a massive Reptilian named Loc with a bad attitude and a well-earned wariness toward anything remotely human. The last thing Loc expects is for a human to worm its way through his defenses. Or for that damn human to lead him on a chase through the galaxy when the charming technophiliac discovers his precious code did not die with the tinkerer.

Trigger Warnings: explicit sexual content, abuse, death of secondary characters, graphic violence, gore, hallucinations, abduction, murder, non-consent, power imbalance, self-harm/mutilation, sexual Assault (on page), strong language, torture, imprisonment, war, human trafficking (off page)

Cold Snap

An M/M Romantic Horror

A lifetime of bad experiences has left Iddy homeless and wary of shelters.
Rumors of a monster hunting the city streets at night surface, but between the cold and predators of the human variety, Iddy has more important things to worry about. That is until he comes face-to-face with the monster and survives. Now, it has him in its sights.

Trigger Warnings: Rape, Graphic descriptions of violence, explicit sexual content

In the Works

Tongues of the Headhunter: M/M Erotic horror
(Finished. Awaiting publishing.)