Sam Clover is a multi-genre writer of M/M fiction. Her debut book, “Cold Snap”, was released to major retailers on December 7th of 2020.

The Erotica Abyss

Back in 2019 I created a discord server called “The Erotica Abyss”. A place run by erotica writers, for erotica writers, of all skill levels and subgenres, original and fanfic, pro, hobbyist, and fresh meat. Everyone’s welcome, even SFW writers, as long as you leave your hangups and judgements about erotica at the door. And you’re over 18 years old.

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Who Am I?

I am a writer. The first time I picked up the pen and discovered my passion for creating stories, it was the late nineties and I was eleven years old. Horror movies inspired me. Terrible ones from the 80s, and so my first project was a terrible horror movie script called ‘the haunted attic’.

Writing comes as naturally as breathing. Though Cold Snap was my first attempt to publish legit, I’ve been around the internet block. I’ve yeeted countless stories at online archives, some terrible, some passable, some — I like to think — even downright awesome. Writing is my entire life, and I have every intention of doing this in one form or another until my last breath.

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