Unusual Proposal

Awesome f/f fantasy novella by La Purvis! I enjoyed reading it quite a bit! Namina and Iman have strong chemistry and are both interesting as fuck in their own right, and seriously, my mouth waters whenever Namina gets that playfully controlling glint in her eye.

La Purvis

CW/TW: This story is NSFW! There is explicit sexual content between two women involved. If you are under the age of 18, or not particularly into sapphic erotica, you should probably find something else to read.

An invitation to the Kreoca Palace was a high honor.

An unexpected honor.

Especially for an entertainer like Namina. She’d performed in front of numerous crowds of all different sizes, but never somewhere that held such prestige.

With this solid, impossibly real, invitation in her hand, she flipped it idly back and forth, as if it were some kind of mistake.

She looked up at the courier as her brows drew together. “Um… I don’t understand.”

This dragon was big. In a half humanoid form, he filled her entire door frame and then some, but he kept his wings in tight, close to his body. He held his hands in front of himself and…

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