Violent Horizons Release Day!

It’s release day! I’m excited!

I don’t even know what to do with this. Maybe I’ll just run around the internet screaming about it at the top of my lungs until the internet police escort me out. Or I could bury myself in writing, because guess what folks…

It’s NANOWRIMO time!!!!

And I am participating! I have plans for a dark fantasy so we’ll see how well that goes. Fantasy is not my strong suit. This is going to be wild. If anyone wants to buddy up on the nanowrimo site, my username there is Sam Clover. I’d love to hear about the projects you’re working on!

Those of you who are participating, enjoy the write-fest! Those of you non writers if you’re going to read my new release, I hope you enjoy it! If not… Well, I appreciate that you’ve read this far regardless! Have a great November everyone!

Violent Horizons on Amazon:

Violent Horizons on Goodreads:

Thank you so so much to the team at Ninestar Press for publishing this book and working so diligently with me on polishing it up!

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