PREORDER LIVE: Sass, Trash, and One Perfect Ass

You may or may not be aware, but for the last few months I’ve been hard at work going through the editing phase for my next two books, one space opera that’s been in the pipeline about 2 years now (but the light at the end of the tunnel is finally in sight), and an enemies to lovers romance I started in May. Of this year. And which one finished first?

Score one for the simple romance! Probably helps that I decided to experiment with self publishing for this project.

I’m super excited about this book. It’s about an asshole. I love assholes. And it’s not about redemption, because I don’t believe love cures bad attitudes. Instead, I wanted this story to be about him meeting his match and the fiery, hot mess of a romance that ensues.

It will be free on Kindle Unlimited on December 1st and is now available for preorder on all amazon versions, I believe. I still intend to set up a paperback version, but that will take some more time. Here are the deets!

Sass, Trash, and One Perfect Ass

Spencer Olander is a lot of things: successful entrepreneur, devoted brother, one of the city’s most eligible bachelors, and a massive, unrepentant asshole. When he finds out his new sport’s bar sits on the fringe of Rosen Avenue, the city’s ‘gaybourhood’, the shine of the LGBT community and all their money is irresistible. Lucky for him, it’s not too late to draft up a new business plan.

When he scopes out the location, he finds two nasty surprises: an eyesore of a diner right across the street, and Jago, one of the servers. He’s everything Spencer hates: trashy, a shamelessly bold attitude, a sordid history, and a tendency to flaunt every dirty bit of it. So why the hell can’t Spencer stop thinking about him?

Summary from Amazon and Goodreads

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