An Erotica Writing Circle

Breaking News!

Well, not so much breaking, as it’s been a couple weeks now, but I am back at the helm of the Erotica Abyss. Months ago I had stepped down because I was feeling burnt out, and those months away reignited my passion, and reminded me of why I started the Discord server in the first place.

Community matters. It matters to me. A lot. As an introvert with social anxiety, I don’t get involved in a lot of places, but The Abyss is home. I’m happy to be back.

My first big event on the server since my return was a summer story collection (It’s still ongoing, btw). And being a moderate success, and having so many people show interest in having a critique circle again, it feels like the right time to buckle down and get organized for one. Here are some details if anyone’s interested in joining us.

  • The Erotica Abyss is for ages 18+
  • Most of the server is a safe place for NSFW stuff, but members are not required to write Erotica. SFW writers are welcome too.
  • Beginner writers are allowed and encouraged to join. You don’t have to know how to give feedback, we’ll help you learn!
  • If you’re not ready for constructive criticism, you can specify the kind of feedback you’d like!
  • Though we allow all kinds of kinks and tropes, we do not allow content with underage characters in sexual situations. We’re strict about that. It’s illegal in some of the countries our members are from, even in written form, and against the Discord Terms of Service.
  • Click here to Join

How the Writing Circle will work:

  • We will form a group, or groups, no more than 5 people to each one.
  • For the first few days of august, we’ll accept new submissions and arrange the groups.
  • Then Participants will have 10 days ish to read the submissions in their group. (Each submission will be around 2k words)
  • And at the end of the month there will be about a week for everyone to exchange feedback, brainstorm, ask questions, and work on their submissions with the help of people who have actually read them!

Hope to see you there! I’m fucking excited.

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