Reading Challenge

Those of you who have accounts on are likely aware of their reading challenges. It’s a simple little section of your dashboard where you can set a yearly goal for yourself and track everything you read.

That’s mine. You see, for the past decade or so, I’ve given up reading for fun. Everything I read, I’m either doing it to edit or to beta-read for friends, and it had been ages since I picked up an honest-to-goodness book in a genre I like and just enjoyed it. So at the beginning of 2021, I decided to force myself to put the beta-reading aside and dedicate all my reading time to reading shit I enjoyed.

10 seemed like a good starting point. I’d never done a reading challenge before so I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew. But January came and went, and I devoured a good 4 full books. (Not counting the 10 or so I DNFed.) And a few months later, I completed the challenge and still had half a year to go.

So I stopped reading for fun. Went back to beta reading and editing for friends and newbies in the writing community. And I honestly have not touched a book I could just relax and enjoy since.

With that in mind, I’ve made a decision:

Fuck baby steps.

In the new year I’m upping my reading challenge to 30. Get ready for more book reviews on this fucking blog, because they’re a-coming. I’m going to get back into regularly reading for funsies or I’m gonna die trying! Good thing I’ve been collecting free books all year, huh!

Though if anyone out there has some decent m/m historical recommendations, please yeet them at my eyeballs.

Sam Clover…

is an author of m/m dark romance, horror, sci fi, and other speculative shit. She’s a Canadian pan/demi humanist who lives in the prairies with her grumpy old man pug and weird ass cat.

Books I Read in 2022 (pt. 1)

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If you’ve read any Regency Romances, you’ll likely recognize the formula of All in With the Duke by Ava March. Grumpy Lord + Disgraced/downtrodden pretty boy = love and class-related dilemmas in the way of that love.

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