Graphic Design: Third Practice Sesh

It occurs to me that learning graphic design is a fun way to procrastinate on writing my WIP. At some point I’m going to force myself to stop this and dive into writing again… But not today!

Yesterday and today, it felt more like a refresher course. It was about contrast, colour, and pattern. A lot of this stuff we learn in kindergarten to some extent, but I’ve also nerded out on colour and composition youtube videos a few months ago.

Still more fun than Typography, though.

As I was fucking around on Krita (this is a free imaging program I use for arty stuff, btw) I realized I have spent so much time on Krita just doing shit with simple brush strokes, I have no idea how to do symmetrical shapes any more complicated than a square and a circle and a diamond. I mean, I guess I could try on wrap-around mode? I hate that I don’t have this basic shit down after so long with this program, but this feels like a rabbit-hole-slash-tangeant I refuse to hop down until I get bored of this other shit.

Okay, I’m going to cut off this stream-of-consciousness post here. Hopefully I’ll get around to doing more writing-related posts soon. This easy shit was nice for easing me back into a blogging routine. So… Hi! I guess!

God, wtf am I doing?

Here’s the arty stuff I did for this sesh:

And here’s arty stuff I did for previous seshs, in case you missed em and want to see my terrible newbie graphic design skillz:


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