Graphic Design: Second Practice Sesh

Hello gorgeouses!

If you missed the first practice sesh post, you can find it here. But! TL;DR version: I’m studying graphic design on my own for funsies. First I dug into denotative images, which is what that first post was about, and for the second sesh, I’m doing Typography!

For reference, I’m doing this through Coursera (auditing courses for free), atm. But I’ve been through “2 weeks” of their material in 3 days, so I’ll probably end up using other sources. If you have any free recommendations (because I’m a broke bitch) hit me up!

I’ll put a link to the course at the bottom, in case you’re interested in doing a big learn too.

So! Typography! Okay, so I’m like a massive nerd. I have been writing for funsies for over 20 years (I’m 35 at the time this post is being written) and I’m obsessed with grammar, (both following the rules and smashing the fuck out of them with a sledgehammer) craft, and formatting, so you’d think the idea of learning about fonts and shit would be right up my alley. I mean, I love fonts. I collect them! I have a million!

Sadly, though, I wasn’t looking forward to this typography module at all. The anatomy of letters sounds boring as fuck. And seeing the word ‘Museum’ in fifty different typefaces and struggling to focus on the lesson and not on how alien the word ‘Museum’ suddenly looks was an Experience.

Still, I powered through and as usual instead of doing the ‘assignment’ the way it was intended, I tweaked it in a way that connected it to my real passion: writing. And here it is! A set of random monograms and a business card mockup for the MC of my current WIP.

(For the record, the info on the card, besides his name, was just me fucking around. They’re not actually his contact details)


Fundamentals of Graphic Design (This is what I’m currently studying.)

DaFont (This is where I got a lot of the fonts you’ll see used in the practice sesh.)

Sam Clover is an author of queer dark romance, horror, and sci-fi. She’s Canadian, Pan/Demi, and super fucking into pirates. And if you know of any good M/M pirate books, you should totally tell her about them. Please.

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