Playing Around

Oh my, I have been quiet, haven’t I? At least here on my site. (I have been noisy AF on Discord as per usual.)

So here’s a bit of an update!

Of course there’s the writing. I wrote up a storm a couple months ago. Got a WIP to 50k, and then sorta petered out. Poor Miguel. My MC’s just hovering there in limbo, waiting for me to resolve his tale. And I intend to! Eventually!

But he’s not the only one in limbo. I feel strange. Unmotivated and eager all at once. Unsatisfied and exhausted, yet passionate and frustrated. Might be a natural phase of my GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) or something different. Either way, I’m in the process of finding ways to expend this chaotic energy.

One of those ways is graphic design. For the last two days I’ve been fucking around on the internet and learning concepts, so I’m thinking I’ll throw together some book cover sets as I’m learning about it. They’re definitely going to start out shitty and basic, but maybe there will be some gems in the mix. Who knows?

I hope everyone out there in the writing and reading community are doing well! I hope to hear from y’all on twitter or discord or wherever we bump into each other.

Stay Safe ❤

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