Graphic Design Study: First Practice Sesh

I believe I mentioned in my last post that I’ve decided to plunge into studying graphic design. It’s partly to keep my creativity flowing during a serious case of writer-block blues, and partly because I’m considering going back to school to study marketing and I feel like graphic design would pair well with that. Like a fine ass wine. Or something. I don’t know — I fucking hate wine.

First week of lessons was about ‘denotative’ images. This essentially boils down to an image being exactly as it appears to be, with no intended fancy pants interpretation. Like a picture of a bike is just meant to convey a bike and nothing more.

I need to stress that the focus is not on creating a polished, well-done image. I did not put a whole fuck of a lot of effort into it. The focus was on trying to recreate the same object in multiple ways. I, because who likes to follow the guidelines for a project, decided to do it in book cover format instead of just normal shitty pictures, so that even tho they shitty, at least they wrapped around something potentially less shitty! I’m a genius or something.

So, without further ado, here is my first shot at a set (a very small set) of denotative images! And my beautiful boy Panda as the majestic holder of the book.

Sam Clover

Sam Clover is an author of queer dark romance, horror, and sci-fi. She’s Canadian, Pan/Demi, and super fucking into pirates. And if you know of any good M/M pirate books, you should totally tell her about them. Please.

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