My Next Book

The amazing Ninestar Press has picked up my Space Opera! I’m so excited! It will be a while before they set a tentative release date, so in the meantime, I’ll be dropping bits of info here and there.

What have I dropped so far?

I’ve created a mood board for it on pinterest!

I talk about it briefly in the Alien Romance post.

That’s it so far! As we near the release, look forward to more discussions about themes, a cover reveal, and hell, maybe a short story! I’m so fucking excited!

Sam Clover is an author of M/M dark romance. She swears like a sailor, gobbles up horror movies and m/m books like they’re going out of style, and runs an erotica discord server.

She’s Canadian, pansexual, demi-sexual, atheist, humanist, and loves all things sea-related. Especially pirates… And sea creatures. And Storms, waves, water, seaside villages, weathered wood, sea glass, delicious seaweed, and everything else that ever existed in the ocean at any time.

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