Blue Lips

Blue Lips

Drabbles are stories that are EXACTLY 100 words. (Not including titles/the ends)

This is one I wrote for a contest it turns out I was not eligible for, sadface. Soooo Instead I’m gonna slap it up here!

Blue Lips
By Sam Clover

It would be the last thing he saw. The thought struck him as he watched the bruise spread up his arms from a bloody bite mark. Spiderweb-thin tendrils of veins swelled their way over his elbow. He didn’t even feel it. It felt numb. Cold.

His eyes darted up to the man standing over him. “Ethan…” His voice came out a strangled rasp. His next word, a baffled plea, wouldn’t even come. Why?

Ethan’s blue eyes were cloudy and lifeless, but a mournful moan came in answer as Craig watched his own blood dribble down his husband’s gaping blue lips.

The End.

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