Sam Clover

The world is a dark place.

What light slips through the cracks shimmers with the dust of withered hearts. Morality isn’t objective — it’s a spectrum of blurred colours, good intentions, and regret.

That is the reality I like to play with in my worlds. I want to make you swoon for characters you despise. I want you to feel love and happiness as the world burns around you. I want you to root against the ‘heroes’ trying to do the right thing.

I want you to feel blood on your hands and fucking like it.


Hello lovelies

I am Sam Clover, and this is my home on the internet. Well, besides discord, my other home on the internet… and twitter.

I wrote an adorable little love story called Cold Snap about a young homeless man and a monster that rips people to shreds. In some awe-inspiring display of cosmic chaos, the amazing people at Ninestar Press said ‘yes’, and that book became my debut.

Now I am a published author. Feels surreal to type that. One book published, two more on the way, a site with my name, and shit to put on it. Man… Who the fuck even am I?

I’m glad you’re here. Whether you want to buy my book, read my free short stories, take a gander at the art, or just come say hi, you are welcome to. I’m always on twitter and always happy to meet new people!


An Erotica Writing Circle

My first big event on the server since my return was a summer story collection (It’s still ongoing, btw). And being a moderate success, and having so many people show interest in having a critique circle again, it feels like the right time to buckle down and get organized for one.

Books I Read in 2022 (pt. 1)

So in 2022, I have taken on the yearly Goodreads Reading Challenge. For me, part of the challenge was to get back into reading for fun. I’ve been beta reading and volunteer-editing for friends and other writers for so long exclusively instead of reading things I can get absorbed in and enjoy that for a…